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Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Poland plans to receive 73% of electricity from nuclear power plants and renewable sources by 2040

Written by TASS

The country's climate and environment minister Anna Moskva, who is in charge of energy industry, said her country will actively develop the renewable energy sector in the coming years.

Снимок носит иллюстративный характер Снимок носит иллюстративный характер

The new energy policy of Poland implies that by 2040 73% of electricity will come from nuclear power plants and renewable energy sources. This was announced on Monday to the Polish Press Agency by Anna Moskva, Minister of Climate and the Environment of the country, who is in charge of energy industry.

According to the plan, Poland will actively develop the renewable energy sector in the coming years. Taking into account nuclear energy, by 2040 the installed capacity of zero emission sources should be 74%. This will make it possible to cover about 73% of electricity demand.

The capacity of ground wind farms in Poland in 2030 may be 14 GW, and in 2040 - 20 GW. It is also planned to use photovoltaics, biogas and biomass. To a lesser extent, hydropower is involved in the new structure. Its capacity in 2030 should be 1 GW, and in 2040 - 1.4 GW. The Minister explained that this is due to the relatively low potential in the country, as well as EU policies and the increasingly difficult implementation of such investments.

In nuclear energy, it is assumed that in 2040 the capacity will be 7.8 GW. The first block of a nuclear power plant is scheduled to be launched in 2033.

At the end of 2022, the total capacity of power plants in Poland, according to the Energy Market Agency, was approximately 60 GW, the capacity of conventional power plants exceeded 36 GW. Renewable energy capacity reached 22.6 GW and increased by more than 5.7 GW in 2022.

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