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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

The team of Belarusian NPP became the absolute winner of the competitions of sanitary and fire brigades

Written by Department of information and public relations

In the district competitions of civilian civil defense formations, held in Ostrovets on May 24, 2024, the fire and sanitary brigades of Belarusian NPP became the winners of all stages and won the first overall team places.

Sanitary brigades performed theoretical and practical tasks: checked the completion of medical bags, demonstrated the ability to put on a gas mask, performed work in conditional centers of combined damage and infectious danger.

Belarusian NPP team demonstrated high training both in theory and in practice.

Competitions of fire brigades included a combat deployment from a motor pump, overcoming a hundred-meter obstacle course, a fire relay.

Each of the stages included elements where team members had to show their skills in putting on combat clothing and fire equipment, extinguishing a burning mannequin, evacuating and transporting a victim on a stretcher from the zone of a conditional emergency, connecting fire hoses, trunks, branches and laying a hose trunk line to trigger the "target".

The brigade members demonstrated the ability to work quickly and harmoniously in the performance of assigned tasks. The jury noted the high level of training of the Bel NPP fire brigade.

According to the results of the competition, the civil defense formations of Belarusian NPP had no equal in all stages. As a result, the first place among the sanitary and fire brigades and a ticket to the regional competitions.

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